What is qbasic programming?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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QBasic is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in the early 1990s. It is an interpreted language, which means that the code written in QBasic is not compiled into machine language before it is executed. Instead, it is interpreted by a program called a "compiler," which reads the code and executes it on the fly. QBasic is a simple, beginner-friendly language that is well-suited for learning the basics of programming. It is based on the older programming language BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). It is not actively developed anymore, but still can be used for educational purposes.

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Qbasic programming is a high level programming language that is provided by ms dos which are mainly use for understanding about programming or to get concept of programming.

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Q: What is qbasic programming?
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Why are rem statements important in qbasic programming?

qbasic is important because its technology

How do you compute quadratic equation in qbasic programming?

See the related link for details.

Who makes the most relyable programming software?

QBasic is the most reliable and has the best reputation.

How do you display qBasic programming if their is no MS-DOS prompt?

If you are using windows, MSDOS shell is integrated by default..

What are the difference between MS Word and QBasic?

QBasic is a programming language, MS Word is a word processor. Other than both being produced by Microsoft they have absolutely nothing in common whatsoever.

How do you download QBasic?

In order to Download Qbasic you may do one, both or none of these two things: 1.) Go to "" and click download or 2.) use "" with the keywords Qbasic free download to find another website with a free qbasic downlaod.

What are the differences between QBasic and FORTRAN Programming language?

PROGRAMMING is a process of developing computer program.While FOTRAN means formula translation which translate math formula into code in high level programming language.

To print 5 45 345 2345 12345 in qbasic programming?

5 45 345 2345 12345

What is Qbasic?

QBasic is a simple BASIC compiler that can be found on the Windows 98 Disk. Although not fancy and decorative, it is a text-based, non-visual compiler. Basic is a high-level programming language, and QBasic is just a program that compiles the programming language to binary for the computer to execute. No longer used by Microsoft. Full form of Ms-Q-basic is Microsoft Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Who developed QBASIC programming language?

The 2 professors who developed QBACIS were Jhon G.Kemeny and Thomas E.Kurtz.

Is there a modern equivalent of Qbasic?

Before QBASIC there was... BASIC BASICA The QBASIC programming language is a modern form of old BASIC programming languages which came before it; these older BASIC's used such things as, line numbers. 10 PRINT "Hello, world!" : REM *** Old BASIC line statement QBASIC code, however, doesn't need to use line numbers, anymore; and, this creates much simpler/clearer/cleaner code/which is also quicker to write/debug. PRINT "Hello, world" '*** QBASIC line statement However, now-a-days, QBASIC is a rather outdated programming language which has been superceded by... VB/Visual BASIC VBA/Visual BASIC for Applications VBScript/Visual BASIC Script VB.NET/Visual BASIC.NET VB.NET, is the latest BASIC programming language version offering from the software company, Microsoft. The Visual BASIC family of programming languages uses OOP/Object Oriented Programming techniques; where you can use a library of pre-built software objects; this makes coding much faster...leading to RAD/Rapid Application Development...because it means that by making full use of these re-usable software objects; then, programmers can write much less code; which in some cases can cut software development time down by half/or, more...!

What is about qbasic?

QBASIC is a very simple, quick, and, easy to learn programming language; this makes it frequently a 'favourite' amongst, especially, people who are 'beginning' programmers. Learning QBASIC introduces you to all of the necessary programming fundamentals; including, such things as... literals(string/numerical) variables(single/or, multiple: array variables/multi-dimensional array variables; different variable types(string/integer/single precision/double precision); variable scope: local/global/parameter passing) modular code(functions/sub-routines/too, calling code stored in seperate files) loops(for/next-enumeration loop, do/while-entry contorolled loop, do/until-exit controlled loop) decision(if-then-else-end if/switch-case) operators(comparison: <,>,<=,>=,<>,=; logical: NOT/OR/AND; mathematical: +,-,*,/,^) graphics(pset/line/circle) sounds(play: ABCDEFG) -etc. As well as, it's capable of producing many different kinds of program... -mathematical -database -games -AI/Artificial Intelligence -etc. I'm NOT saying here that QBASIC is the 'best' programming language to go and learn; as the truth is there are far more highly advanced programming languages out there such as those that use OOP-Object Oriented Programming, for example, Visual BASIC; however, once you've already gone and learned how to use QBASIC, first; then, you should find it relatively straight forwards, and, easy to go and learn almost ANY other programming language; whether it's a BASIC related programming language or not. NOTE: QBASIC descends from the BASIC family of programming languages. I myself did learn, QBASIC, first; then, later, went on to study learning Visual BASIC/VBScript/ASP/HTML/CSS/Javascript/Java/XML/PHP/Pascal/Ruby/LOGO/-etc.; and, this is all thanks to my having gone and learned QBASIC to begin with; which, then, gave me a 'taste' for acquiring multiple different programming languages.