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just feel more confident around him and start talking to him more :)

drink some really cold water (can be a waterbottle) and wait a minute or 2. take deep breaths and if you feel yourself blushing look away for a second so you don't feel self conscious like at the clock. or if your in class start working on your worksheet. its one of those things where if you can't see the guy its like he can't see you even if he maybe can. if hes nice then he wont say anything. if he says something obnoxious maybe you shouldn't care as much.

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Lots and lots of practice, mon chere! Having a couple of guy friends that you can joke around with will make things easier too.

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You and female friend threaten to tie him down and take turns to see how long it takes to wear him out........

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Blushing is natural. You can't stop it, but if it is really bad try to put on more foundation or some natural colored blush.

Hope this helps!

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Q: How can you stop blushing in front of this guy?
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How To stop blushing?

There's really no way to stop yourself from blushing and a lot of people actually think that blushing is adorable, it shows emotion and that you liked what the person had to say.

What does it mean when a guy smiles after he sees your blushing?

He likes you ! :)

What does it mean if 3 girls are blushing with only you and you are a Muslim guy?

your in

Why is that guy blush when there is girl next to them?

The guy may be blushing because he is feeling shy, embarrassed, or attracted to the girl next to him. Blushing can be a physical sign of emotional arousal or self-consciousness in social situations.

Does a guy notice when your blushing?

yes and no sorry to be vague but it really depends on the situation.

How do you talk to the guy you like without blushing?

put white paint on ur face

What does it mean if a guy sends you a blushing smiley face does he like you?

Possibly. A blushing emoji is typically used to express some kind of embarrassment, but can change depending on the context of the communication.

What does it mean when a girl says I do not know what to say when she is blushing and giggling with you if you are a guy?

Either she likes you or she is embarrassed.

Why is it that when you thank a girl for being nice to you or helping you in any way she starts blushing and smiling and being more nice to you if you are a guy?

She is probably flattered. All the blushing and Smiling means she got a crush on you

If a guy is shy how do you know if he is into you?

usually, he looks at you lot. He might start blushing, or look away quickly.

How do you know the guy you like likes you back?

OK well if the guy is blushing or is trying to b funny or trying to showoff he most likely likes u!

What are ways to solve my blushing problem?

Well, if your a girl, then maybe wear a little bit of blush on your cheek bones so it's not as noticable when you do blush.But if your a guy, please don't hide your's so cute :]