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The beauty industry affects girls because the products can be misused, can be fatal if wrongly used,

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Beauty industry is related to fashion.Without beauty fashion doesn't exist.

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Q: How does the beauty industry relate to health?
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How does he relate the growth of beauty industry to the change in the status of women?

If women change how they look or what they wear then the beuty industry has to change too.

What are health and safety regulations in a workplace?

Regulations are usually government requirements. Health and safety regulations are government requirements that relate to preserving or providing health and safety. Health and safety regulations in a workplace are regulations that relate to providing or preserving health and safety in that workplace. There are two kinds of health and safety regulations: "general regulations" that apply to all workplaces, and "industry specific" regulations that apply to specific workplaces.

How does hygiene relate to Greek mythology?

The Greek goddess of health was Hygeia, which the word 'hygiene' derived from. She was the daughter of the medicine god Asklepios and sometimes attendant to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.

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This big.

3 How does your interest in Health and Beauty affect your choice of employer?

How does your interest in Health & Beauty influence your choice of employer? *

What has the author Arlene Dahl written?

Arlene Dahl has written: 'Your beauty scope' 'Your beauty scope' 'Beyond Beauty' -- subject(s): Health and hygiene, Mental health, Personal Beauty, Women

What is the brief summary of The Beauty Industry by Aldous Huxley?

"The Beauty Industry" is an essay by Aldous Huxley that uses comic irony. In the essay, he describes the trend of women using too much cosmetics to attain beauty.

What is meant by the term 'professionalism' within beauty related industries?

When someone use the term professionalism within the beauty industry it is very simple. One should be nice and respectful to the customers.

What are the political influences on the hospitality industry?

The key political influences in the hospitality industry relate to health and safety issues. A government who puts a strong emphasis on such issues, for example, the UK, have several regulations which must be adhered to. In the hospitality industry, these mainly refer to food preparation and storage, as well as electrical safety.

How do you say Health and beauty school in french?

School of health and beauty. École de santé et de beauté