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Hair entensions should not have to be replaced, but every five to eight weeks you should go back to the salon they were put in at and have them re-weaved.

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Q: How often do hair extensions need to be replaced?
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How do you wash your hair with extensions?

Before you try, you need to check with your hair dresser or wherever you purchased you hair extensions to see if they are washable!

Do you need a license for hair extensions in Alabama?


What is a good website to find out more information on purchasing hair extensions?

If you are getting your sister hair extensions, I would not recommend randomly buying a set of extensions, and then presenting them to her. Good hair extensions need to be fitted to the person's head and hair color. Check out

How can you have thin hair with extensions?

If you have thin hair, it's better you get a hair topper or pieces where you need them as opposed to a full head of extensions to reduce stress/strain on your already thin hair.

Can you have hair extensions for your beard?

no man should ever need or think of using "beard extensions" a real man grows facial hair with no problem beard extensions=disgrace to humanity

Do you need a license to do hair if you only wanted to do weaves and extensions?


How much hair do I need to do a full sew in?

The most common question you will hear from women who want to have sew in hair extensions installed is, how much hair do you need to have a full sew in weave? Women have 99 problems, and you would not want hair to be one of them. That is why you need to know the right amount of hair to get if you're going to have a full sew-in.The amount of hair you buy can either make or break your sew-in extensions. In this guide, we will learn about the amount of hair you need and factors you need to consider before buying hair extensions.

Are there any deals for feather hair extensions online?

You can get feather hair extensions from any hair provider, but you will need to find someone who knows how to professionally put them in your hair because you can not just insert them yourself.

How much are hair extensions?

That depends on the operator, the type of extensions and the Quality of the hair. You need to visit a number of salons and get Quotes and information...take your time to decide

Are hair extensions bad for thin hair?

There are some risks with using hair extensions on thin hair. As follows: If you hair is too fine, you cannot afford to damage your hair even by a little. So Clip in hair extensions might be your best option. If your hair is very thin, going out on a windy day might expose your extensions and cause embarrassment. You hair will not be suitable to all types of extensions. You need to buy thin wefts which are delicate to handle and more prone to damage.

How do you achieve short hair styles with your own hair?

When maximum humans assume approximately hair weaves and hair extensions, they consider lengthy, flowing locks. Hair extensions are intended to extend the hair, right? Well, now no longer exactly. There are masses of motives to get hair extensions, and now no longer they all have plenty to do with rocking down-to-there-hair. Many girls get hair extensions due to the fact they need a coiffure that they can’t or don’t need to obtain with their very own natural tresses – and this may consist of brief styles!

Does my natural hair need to be a certain length to get clip in hair extensions?

As long as there is enough hair for a clip to hold you will be able to use clip in hair extensions. For more information visit