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You obviously didnt twist the earring while it was in so your ear healed with your earring in it like when you get a bad cut and you put a bandaid on it its possible for the bandaid to get stuck to the cut because the cut starts healing with the bandaid stuck to your cut

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Q: Your earlobe piercing wont come out?
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Why wont your earring go all the way through your earlobe?

It is possible that your earlobe piercing hole has closed partially or completely, preventing the earring from going all the way through. In such cases, you may need to have your earlobe re-pierced by a professional. It's important to visit a reputable piercing studio for advice on how to proceed.

How long does it take to get to a gauge 10 earlobe piercing?

It can take several months to a year for an earlobe piercing to reach gauge 10, depending on the healing process and individual's body. It is important to stretch the piercing slowly and safely to minimize the risk of damage or infection.

Can swimming in a chlorine pool affect a new earlobe piercing?

If the chlorine level is correctly maintained this should not be a problem.

What is an ear cuff and what does it do?

An ear cuff is a piece of jewelry that is for decoration. It is a small piece of metal that attaches to the outside of the earlobe to look like an ear piercing but there is no piercing with an ear cuff.

What beverage chain toughened its body-piercing policy by limiting employees to two earrings in each earlobe in 1998?


Is it okay to put makeup over an earlobe piercing to cover it up?

As long as the hole is completely healed, yes it should be fine.

Is it true that the thicker your earlobe the more it hurts when you get your ears pierced?

its done in one go so it probably wont hurt more

Does piercing pagoda pierce navels?

No. Some of them might, but a majority will not pierce anything other than earlobe or cartilage. They use a gun for piercings, which cannot be used on the body.

Does piercing hurt?

The amount of pain from a piercing depends largely on your pain tolerance. Mainly what you should expect from an ear piercing will be a small flick of pain when the earring goes in. You may experience pain on your earlobe for a few minutes following. Facial, body, and cartilage piercings cause more pain before and afterward.

What does a hot hard earlobe mean?

Unless you just got a piercing it is very normal for the earlobe to have a hot or warm feeling to it . Otherwise your ear recently was in pain or just got hit by someone or thing. The sensation of being hot and the "distention" or "hardness" in the lobe is an indication of a possible infection. Clean the piercing under warm running water and make sure there is room between the jewellery front and the backing or the stud behind the ear. If the jewellery is too tight then the backing will need to be removed or loosened to allow you to clean the piercing correctly.

What is an earlobe fetish called?

An earlobe fetish.

Do you have to stretch your earlobe piercing or can you get one size and stay there?

You can get what's called a dermal punch, where they literally punch out a piece of skin, similar to a hole punch that you would use on paper.