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UK shoe size 5 is US shoe size 7.5. UK shoe size 2.5 is US shoe size 5.

See related links for international size chart.

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Q: Is Foot size 4 equivalent to size 5 in UK?
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What size is 9 in UK?

The UK size 8 is the equivalent of a US size 4 and a half

What does us size 8 us equal in UK size?

The UK size 8 is the equivalent of a US size 4

What is a size 4 dress equivalent to UK dress sizes?

size 8 =)

Is it true that a kids size 4 is equivalent to a womans size 6?

Yes, a kids' size 4 shoe is equivalent to a woman's size 6. Boys sizes are slightly smaller than women's sizes that measure the same foot size.

What us shoe size equals Thailand size 36?

For a woman, the UK shoe size that equals Thailand size 41 is 8.5. A size 41 shoe in Thailand is the equivalent of a male size 8 in the UK.

What does UK size 8 UK equal in us size?

The UK equivalent of a size 8 dress in the US is size 12, size 40 European and size 12 Australian. These sizes are just guidelines, actual size will vary depending on designer and the type fabric used.

What is the Indian equivalent to UK shoe size 6?

There are a range of shoe size charts available on the Internet many will have Asian and UK sizes there

What is a size 6 dress equivalent to US dress sizes?

uk 6 = U.S 4

American size 4 is UK?

American size 4 is UK size 10.

What size is 8 in US size?

well im from the US and I'm a size 0 here and would be a size 4 in the UK. that means that: US Size 2 = UK Size 6 US Size 4 = UK Size 8 US Size 6 = UK Size 10 US Size 8 = UK Size 12 US Size 10 = UK Size 14 US Size 12 = UK Size 16 - so a UK size 8 would make you a us size 4! ~beelover

What us size is 6mm crochet hook?

In UK sizes, a 2mm crochet hook is a 14, it doesn't not have a US size equivalent. Here is a chart with crochet hook conversions from metric to US to UK.

What is an English size 6 equivalent to in America?

If in London it is important to know that an English size 6 is not the same as an American size 6. So if you are a size 4 in American clothing then a size 6 in UK clothing is perfect for you.