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A functional disorder.

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Q: A disorder produces symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause can be identified?
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What sex produces the two gonadotrophic hormones identified?


What is a zymogen?

A zymogene is one of a physiological group of globular bacteria which produces fermentations of a diverse nature.

When Body Produces abnormally thick mucus when a person has a this genetic disorder?

Cystic fibrosis

What gland is also called the neurohypophysis?

An adenohypophysis is the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which produces and secretes peptide hormones which regulate many physiological processes.

A person who acts as if his memory has been separated from his behavior has a dissociative disorder that produces symptoms such as?


Diabetes is a disorder in which the pancreas produces too little or no?

your body dosent make enough insilin.

Which theory of emotion states that emotion is a particular physiological change in the body that produces an experience unique for each emotion?

James-Lange theory A+

A disorder in which the body produces abnormally thick mucus in the lungs and intestines is called?

The genetic disorder that causes the body to produce unusually thick mucus in the lungs and intestines is cystic fibrosis.

What is a Marfan Syndrome?

marfan syndrome is genetic disorder of connective tissue of the body. it cause a mutation of the gene that produces the protein fibrillin.

Identify the carbon-containing molecule that humans exhale and the process that produces it?

We exhale carbon dioxide. The process that produces it is respiration, the physiological process that enables animals to exchange carbon dioxide, the primary product of cellular respiration, for fresh air (oxygen and other molecules).

Which area of technology might be associated with MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging technology that produces three dimensional detailed anatomical images.

What are the effects of antihistamines?

decreases the release of histamines which the body produces to fight off allergens.