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Only green light will pass through

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Q: A green cellophane shell placed over a growing plant will permit?
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In which kingdom would a multi-cellular green food producing organism be placed?

usually will be placed in the Plantae Kingdom

Is a tulip tree dying if green leaves are growing near the trunk and none growing on the end of any branches?

sounds like it is. if it doesn't come back you can cut it down and let it grow out again from the trunk

Are iron nails good for trees?

My grandparents and great-grandparents, who were excellent farmers & horticulturists, routinely placed rusty nails in trees to provide an iron supplement for the health and growth for their trees. Seemed to work for them and continues to work effectively for me. As they keep my trees, which are succeptable to iron chlorosis in highly alkaline soil, green through out the growing season.

Will different light colors affect plant growth?

What light is best for green plantsYes, different colors will affect plant growth. If you are growing a green plant yourself either make sure your plant gets enough sunlight. Under green light your plant will not grow the best since green light will reflect on green plants, blue and red lights work more effectively in plant growth.

There's a large green nut growing on our oak tree it is not an acorn what is it?

It could be "Oak apples" which are galls on the trees made by the gall wasp. Another possibility is fungus. Answer They are definitely galls not fungus. I have golf-ball sized green pods on oak tree that are NOT galls.They are hollow except for what looks like a very small green flower inside.I'm clueless as to what they are.

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Does a green cellophone shell placed over a growing plant permit only green light to pass through?


Do cellophane gift bags come in green?

Yes, cellophane comes in a wide number of colors, including green. One thing that you will notice with cellophane is that it is very sheer so the colours tend to take on some of the background colours as well. This means that a green might appear more blue if you put a purple item in the bag.

Can growing plants under red cellophane make them grow faster?

The plants grew under clear, and green wrap, but under the darker rose wrap, the plant died.

how do we apply for reintry permit?

You have to have your green card & passport.

Put both a red and a green cellophane piece over a flashlight If you shine the flashlight beam on a white wall what color will you see?

orange maybe

Is green market niche growing?

Its no longer a growing niche; it is more of a growing standard in business and life style.

What is it called when a green plant is growing?


Are lemons green when growing?

yes they are before they are yellow but when they are green they're not ready to be picked. The lemon is green in the unripened stage but sometimes they can be picked for varies of reasons

Do you need a permit to built a green house in Maryland?

Yes you can. I have one currently

Stone exterior turned green?

If your stone turned green it probably has moss growing on it.

The green room has served as a what in the white house?

the green room is used for growing plants

Why Egypt god have green face?

Green skin was a sign of fertility just as growing vegetation is also green.