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eubacteria i think

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kingdom animalia

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Q: A kingdom of complex multicellular organisms that are usually green have cell walls made of cellulose cannot move around and perform photosynthesis?
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Is cellulose an important sugar that results from photosynthesis?

Cellulose is a sugar Glucose is formed as a result of photosynthesis

Which kingdom consist only of complex multicellular eukaryotic organisms which?

Animalia is the kingdom that consists only of complex multicellular eukaryotic organisms.

How do you know that human beings are complex organisms?

We are multicellular

Are fungi one celled or many celled organisms?

They are multicellular, complex organisms.

Sexual reproduction is found most often in?

complex multicellular organisms

More complex organism including plants and animals are called what?

multicellular organisms

Which kingdom contains the most complex organisms on the planet are multicellular and heterotrophic?

Animalia-- animals

What are the organisms in the plant kingdom?

The plant kingdom includes organisms such as mosses, ferns, conifers (like pine trees), and flowering plants (angiosperms). These organisms have cells with cellulose cell walls, undergo photosynthesis to produce energy, and have a complex life cycle with alternation of generations.

What are complex organisms?

Complex organism generally means multicellular, but in that category there are different levels of complexity. Sponges are multicellular, but don't have distinct tissue, for example. Generally, any living thing that you can see with your naked eye is extremely complex.

What organisms produce cellulose?

There are several things that can break down cellulose. Most are anaerobic bacteria like cellulomonas and are found in the stomachs of cows and sheep.

1How are the modes for reproduction different in unicellular and multicellular organisms?

In unicellular organisms, reproduction occurs by the division of the entire cell. The modes of reproduction in unicellular organisms can be fission, budding, etc. whereas in multicellular organisms, specialised reproductive organs are present. Therefore, they can reproduce by complex reproductive methods such as vegetative propagation, spore formation, etc. In more complex multicellular organisms such as human beings and plants, the mode of reproduction is sexual reproduction.

Is cellulose a complex carbohydrate?

Cellulose is a carbohydrate.