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the dominant trait

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Q: A trait that appears or is expressed in the f1 generation is what?
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If the F2 generation expressed a trait in a 3.1 ratio the F1 generation MUST be heterozyous for that trait?


When studying a pedigree how do scientists determine if a trait is dominate or recessive?

dominant only appears in the F1 generation as 4 recessive stays hidden or masked in the F1 generation

What is a trait that is not expressed in the F1 generation resulting from the crossbreeding of two genetically different true breeding organisms is called?


What is the phenotype in the F1 generation that disappears in a one trait test cross?

The recessive trait phenotype disappears in a one-trait test cross in the F1 generation. This phenotype can reappear in the F2 generation.

In mendels experiment a trait that always disappeared in the f1 generation but reappeared in the f2 generation was called the?

recessive trait

In Mendel's experiment why did traits show up in the f1 generation that were not present in the f1 generation?

the traits were recessive

What generation did Mendel get when he crossed the plants that produced the F1 generation?

100% percent of the plants expressed the dominate trait ........................................................................................ what do u get when u mix purple with purple you get 100% purple :) simple peace of cake !

What trait or traits did the plants in the F1 generation exhibit?

tall and tall

What did mendel find in the f1 generation?

he crossed two pure lines

The trait that disappeared in the f1 generation?

reappears in some plants in the F2 generation

When do you first learn which trait is dominant?

when observing the F1 generation of a monohybrid cross

What phenotypes are present in F1 generation?

The phenotypes present in the F1 generation depend on the phenotypes of the parental generation (and the environment). The F1 generation will display the dominant trait(s). For example, if T is tall and t is short, in the cross TT X tt the F1 generation will have the phenotype corresponding to the T allele (tall).