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We'll I used to have a ear ring in the base of my penis where the frenulum is, but one day it got caught and ripped the frenulum in two. It was a little sore, but all i did was cut the torn the frenulum upto the head, so there was no 'slack' and left the other to part to heal. I suppose i could have seen a doc, but i didn't think it was worth repairing. I've had no problem with sex or having an erection, sometimes, I think having my head more exposed, without the foreskin in the way increases the sensation, I just think it depends on whay you'v done??

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Q: Accidentally cut my frenulum.. is it bad?
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Can you cut your own lingual frenulum?

It would be inadvisable to do so deliberately. If done accidentally then seek medical attention.

How do you make my tongue long?

Get your frenulum cut.

Does getting your frenulum cut hurt when you want to lengthen tongue?

I'm sure cutting anything in your mouth hurts but not too bad.

Is it ok to cut your own tongue frenulum?

No! Let the dentist do it!

How can people with small tongues get it pierced?

If it's too short, you could cut the frenulum beneath the tongue. Just check with a piercer to be sure that its too sort before you make plans/decisions about cutting your frenulum.

Frenulum Breve what to do?

Don't panic! Go to the doctor, they can freeze your penis and cut it. After about a couple weeks you will be as good as new.

What are the folds of mucous membrane under the tongue called?

The "frenulum" of tongue or tongue web (also "lingual frenulum" or "frenulum linguæ")

What is frenum percing?

A frenum is a male genital piercing. Basically a frenum piercing is a form of a frenulum piercing. So is a fourchette.But really a frenulum piercing is an oral piercing. Frenulum can be either an upper frenulum(smiley), lower frenulum (frowney), or even a tongue web piercing. A frenulum is a fold/piece of tissue that restricts the movement of an organ.

You tore your lingual frenulum do you need to go to a doctor?

The Lingual frenulum anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The taste buds located on the tongue's lingual membrane contribute to the experience of food flavour. = If you tore your lingual frenulum it would depend on how bad the tear is as to if you need to go to a doctor. = A small tear should heal by its self

What is the connective tissue under the tongue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth called?

The lingual frenulum. This is the thin bit of skin (technically it is a fold of mucosa) which you can see when you lift up your tongue

What is ICD-9 code for laceration frenulum?

frenulum laceration icd 9 code

Should the dentist cut a labiel frenulum?

A labial frenectomy is a simple and routine procedure that any dentist should be able to perform if it is indicated and necessary.