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severe; immediate medical attention

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Q: All head injuries should be treated as and require?
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What illnesses or injuries can effect your participation in sport?

There are many injuries that can affect sports such as: 1.Head injuries 2.Fractures 3.Dislocation of bones 4.Concusion 5.Tennis elbow ETC The illnesses that affect sports are: 1.Asthma 2.Epilepsey 3.Heart disease 4.Sciztophrenia ETC

What is frontal atrophy?

frontal atrophy refers to neuronal degeneration of the frontal lobes of the brain (e.g., can occur in head injuries or degenerative diseases like alzheimer's)

How are Brachial plexus injuries treated?

My hand get injured in accident before seven months. According to EMG test taken at Wanless Hospital mishan Miraj this Enjury is said as C8 T1 injury. There are lot of pains in my hand. There is no any response to given medicines. Mumbai Magnum Hospital MRI report & EMG Report are attached with this letter.Medicines given by Miraj Mishan Hospital are as follows,1-Stereo2-Voltneroun3-Deloke4-Maxgline5-AmitorSo please say the answer ma hand SurgeryThanking YouShivaji Thombare

What happens when you have a laryngeal spasm after extubation?

Laryngospasm in the operating room is treated by hyperextending the patient's head and administering mechanical ventilations with 100% oxygen. In more serious cases it may require intubation. If orotracheal intubation is not possible a cricothyroidotomy is done to create an airway. In ear, nose and throat practices, it is treated by examining the patient in the office and reassuring the patient that laryngospasm resolves. Sometimes reflux medication is used to reduce the acidity in the stomach. The laryngeal spasm is actually a quite common side effect of anesthesia, and more commonly in cases involving tracheal extubation.

What is post concussion syndrome?

Post concussion syndrome is a diagnosis given to someone who has been affected by a concussion. These people exhibit persistent problems due to the concussion even after they should have healed.

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How should All head injuries should be treated as and require?

severe; immediate medical attention

How are head injuries treated in wilderness medicine?

Short-term loss of consciousness following head injuries is known as concussion, and these patients should be closely monitored for 24 hours, including waking them

How bad are head injuries in sports?

Head injuries, specifically concussions, are probably the worst possible injuries suffered in sports because of the lingering as well as long term effects. In football specifically, many retired players are now suing the NFL over head injuries suffered back in the 80s and 90s when concussion protocol was taken much less seriously. These retired players nowadays may have long term bruising or swelling of the brain. One concussion will not cause these long term effects but multiple ones will. Head injuries should be taken very seriously and treated appropriately.

When was Head Injuries created?

Head Injuries was created in 1979-07.

How common are serious head injuries?

each year about two million people suffer from a more serious head injury, and up to 750,000 of them are severe enough to require hospitalization.

Is it recommended to see a doctor after suffering from a concussion even if the patient feels no symptoms?

Definately! Head injuries should always be treated, no matter how minor they seem. Only a trained professional in the medical field can determine how minor the injury is.

Do head lice leave bumps?

Usually no, you should get it treated immediately.

Who discovered head injuries?

Head injuries has know specific founder ( trust me I have searched for hours)

What can cause head injuries?

A hit to the head

What Lisa Lefteye Lopes Injuries from the car accident?

Head injuries

Should someone who does martial arts were head protection?

Most tournaments require you to wear head protection.

Most common NFL injury?

There are five injuries that are extremely common in the NFL. These are injuries to the knee, shoulder, leg, ankle, and head. Head injuries frequently include concussions.