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Organelles .

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Q: Animals and plants cells contain several tiny internal structures called?
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Can Cells contain internal structures called organs?

No, cells cannot contain organs. Cells are small, and several cells together form tissues, which then form organs. The parts inside a cell are called organelles, and organelles function in a cell the way organs function in a body.

Which organ system contain your liver?

The liver is a vital organ part of the digestive system of all vertebrate animals. It is commonly the biggest internal organ of the body and it has a wide range of functions, from detoxification, protein synthesis and the production of several biochemicals which are important for digestion.

What does menudencias mean?

"Menudencias" are the internal organs of the animals (cows, steers, heifers) that are used after the slaughter for several uses, chemical, medical, feed, etc.

What is the internal body cavity?

An internal body cavity is a space in the body that does not contain something, much like a cavity in a tooth is where the tooth has rotted away. There are several examples of this: your sinuses are internal body cavities - they are an open space in your body. There is a body cavity in your chest as well surrounding your lungs and heart.

What is the meaning of sexual organ?

Sexual organs, also known as reproductive organs, are anatomical structures involved in sexual reproduction. In males, these organs include the testes, penis, and associated structures. In females, they include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, and associated structures. These organs play a crucial role in human reproduction by producing and delivering gametes (sperm and eggs) for fertilization.

Why are there several chloroplast in the plant cell with animals?

Animal cells do not contain chloroplasts. However certain corals do have bodies that house symbiotic plant (algal) cells.

What do only plant cells contain that animals cells don't?

There are several organelles. Main ones are chloroplast,cell wall, central vacuole ,glyoxisomes etc

Does a cubic mile of sea water contain only water?

No, a cubic mile of seawater does not only contain water. In addition to approximately 1.1 trillion (1,101,117,150,000) US gallons of water there would be several kilograms of sea salt. It would also include several tons of fish and other animals, and several tons of algae and water plants.

Close examination of an organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells The layers do not contain any blood vessels and one surface of the cells is open to the internal cavity of the organ This ti?


If a line has several points can it contain several rays?

No, it cannot.

Several small white structures are lodged in sockets in the maxillae and the mandble. what are these structures?


Does a granum contain thylakoids?

Yes, there are several grana in a chloroplast and each granum contain several thylakoids.