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No. Meiosis is when a cell produces a haploid, which is a cell with only half the number of chromosomes. Meiosis is only used for making cells used for reproduction.

Red blood cells are created by mitosis, which is when cells make two copies of themselves and split into two identical cells.

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Q: Are blood cells produced by mitosis or meiosis?
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Are haploid cells produced by mitosis?

No. Haploid cells are produced by meiosis.

Four daughter cells produced in mitosis or meiosis?


How are daughter cells produced?

Mitosis: Two Meiosis: Four

Does meiosis or mitosis occur when the immune system produces armies of defensive white blood cells?

Meiosis and mitosis are different types of cellular reproductions. Meiosis is sexual but mitosis is asexual reproduction. Meiosis and mitosis continue to occur when the immune system produces white blood cells.

What is the difference between cells produced by mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis reproduces somatic cells, meiosis reproduces sex cells. Mitosis- Cell division involving body cells. Divides once. Meiosis- Cell division involving sex cells. Divides twice.

How many cells are reproduced by mitosis?

2 4 are produced by meiosis

How many daughter cells are produced?

Mitosis: Two Meiosis: Four

Are gametes in fungi meiosis or mitosis?

SomaticSomatic cells reproduce by mitosis. Gametes are produced by mieosis

How many cells do you end up with after mitosis and meiosis?

After mitosis you have two cells and after meiosis you have 4 cells.

How many daughter cells are produced during mitosis?

Two are produced in Mitosis and 4 in meosis.

What type of cells are produced in mitosis and meiosis?

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What are four ways in which meiosis different from mitosis?

Meiosis differs from mitosis in the following ways; meiosis produces four cells while mitosis two produces cells. Meiosis occurs in sex cells while mitosis occurs body cells.