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NO! Breasts are not organs

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Q: Are breasts organs
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What are secondary sex organs in females?


What organs does estrogen target?

Estrogen stimulates the target organs of the reproductive system (eg breasts, vagina, uterus).

How did females get breasts?

Evolution gave female mammals breasts or breast-like organs. They are designed for feeding and nourishing the young.

Why are your breasts sometimes warm when you are cold?

Your breasts are attached to the torso, or body core where the vital organs are, which is always the warmest part of your body. Also, your breasts are kept tightly under clothing next to your body, which keeps them warm.

What are girl breasts?

The correct wording is 'breast' and they are organs on the chest that increase in size during puberty in a female.

What age will you start puberty?

you will get when you are 10 to 13. but girls get it before boys. girls develop breasts, with hair on the organs and armpits and their period. with boys just getting hair on their organs and armpits

Why do men like ladies breasts?

They don't have breasts of their own. If you mean the question seriously, there are a number of reasons. Everyone is born with the urge to notice breasts, since that is how infants are fed. Even as adults, comfort can still be found in cuddling and caressing breasts. As everyone is exposed to society, they learn that breasts have a sexual connotation, since breasts are used to feed babies, and babies are produced by sex. So when someone is aroused by women, they may see the breasts in the same or similar way as sexual organs.

What is the name of the lion's reproductive organ?

The names of the reproductive organs of all mammals are the same. The females have the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and functioning breasts, while males have the testes, prostate gland, penis, and non-functioning breasts.

When environmental estrogen's trigger premature puberty the main organs affected are the?

The main organ affected is the ovaries. Also the breasts become bigger in size.

What is a half male half female called?

A hermaphrodite if they have both male and female sex organs. If they have a man's penis and female breasts, the term she-male is used.

Why do your breasts get big during your period?

the breast tissue responds to progesterone and estrogen: both of which are released from your brain to your organs. THese 2 hormones are what distinguish women frommen and the biggest distinguishing factors--our vaginas and breasts are what are overemphasized when too much of these hormones are running through our body.

Does carressing my breasts make my breasts bigger?

Caressing your breasts will not make your breasts bigger. One way to possibly increase the size of your breasts is to gain weight.

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