Are conjoined twins real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. They used to be called Siamese twins but that was changed to conjoined twins for political correctness. They are twins that are born joined together by some part of their body due to the egg bot completely separating during pregnancy.

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Q: Are conjoined twins real
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If i breed conjoined twins with other conjoined twins will there eventually be a 4 headed person?

Conjoined twins cannot be bred. This condition is not genetic.A set of male conjoined twins fathering children with a set of female conjoined twins will almost certainly produce children who are not even twins at all.

What was the name of Chinese conjoined twins?

The most famous (Chinese) conjoined twins were the Siamese twins

How often do you have conjoined twins?

conjoined twins are very very very rare .

Why can't Conjoined twins be brother and sister?

why can't conjoined twins be brothers and sisters

How would you use conjoined in a sentence?

The twins were conjoined when they were born.

Can conjoined twins be male and female?

No. Conjoined twins are always identical twins, and never just fraternal twins. Identical twins come from a single embryo that splits. In the case of conjoined twins, a complete split never occurs. So when they come from the same embryo, they are always the same gender.

What are the three types of twins?

There is Identical twins, Nonidentical twins and Conjoined twins.

What is craniopagus twins?

Craniopagus twins are conjoined twins who are attached at the head.

What are female conjoined twins called?

Just that, female conjoined twins. In some languages all nouns have gender, so in French, Les Jumelles Siamesienne, the enne suffix would mean female. By the way, conjoined twins, being also identical twins, are always the same gender.

Should Conjoined twins live?

It depends.If the conjoined twins want to be seperated, they could. But they might not survive. They could. If they wanted to stay the same, the outcome would be staying alive.So, it all depends on what the conjoined twins think.

What does conjoined mean?

Meaning: Consisting of two or more associated entities; to join

What do you call two twins joined togever?

Conjoined twins.