Are plants eukaryotes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, the kingdom Plantae falls under the Eukaryota domain.

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Yes, the kingdom Plantae falls under the domain Eukaryota.

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Plants are eukaryotes.

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Q: Are plants eukaryotes
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Are Planted prokaryotic?

No. They are eukaryotes.

What are eukaryotes that have a cell wall?

There are many types. Plants,fungi and some protists arethem

Can plants and animals contain a eukaryote cell?

Plants and animals are eukaryotes.

How are protists and plants similar and how they differ?

They are Eukaryotes

Are protists eucaryotic or prokaryotic?

Protists are eukaryotic cells (eukaryotes). Other eukaryotes are animals, plants and fungi.

Does plantae have a nucleus in their cells?

Yes. Plants are eukaryotes.

How do eukaryotes compare in size prokaryotic?

Prokarotes are single-celledbacterium and eukaryotes are plants, animals, and fungi. So eukaryotes are a whole lot larger than prokaryotes.

What type of organism is a plant?

Plants are eukaryotes. Eukaryotes have complex cells that include a nucleus. All large organisms are eukaryotes, as opposed to prokaryotes (bacteria and archea) , which lack a nucleus to their cells. Plants form their own kingdom, Plantae. Another kingdom is the animal kingdom (Animalia). The plants we are most familiar with are green plants, which photosynthesize.

Are Protists fungi plants and animals all eukaryotes?

Yes, they are.

Are all plants eukaryotic?

Yes, plants are under the domain eukaryota making them eukaryotes.

Is the cell a prokaryote or a eukaryote?

Elodea is a Eukaryote. Prokaryotic consists of bacteria whereas Eukaryotes are plants and animals. Eukaryotes have a nucleas, Prokaryotes do not.

What kind of organism does mitosis occur?

All Eukaryotes, that is plants and animals.