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Q: Are the DNA of oranges lemons and tangerines different?
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What fruit is grown on trees?

Plants grow fruit, because they are made to make fruit. they are able to grow fruit due to Photosynthesis, which creates energy for the plant to grow. their Genetic DNA codes tells the cells of the plant to form the fruit plant.

Does oranges have a lot of DNA?

I think that the answer is no. An orange may have a little DNA, from the tree that it is growing on, but it doesn't have DNA that is its own.

Did James Watson study oranges?

no. he discovered the structure of DNA

How is the DNA in your brain cells different from the DNA in your heart cells?

They use different DNA codes

How do we know if our DNA is different?

We know that our DNA is different because of the way everyone looks. We see different races and cultures all around us. That meaning we are all different, concluding our DNA to be different.

What is the different between recombinant DNA and non-recombinant DNA?

Recombinant- is the DNA fragment of interest Nonrecombinant- the undesired foreign DNA

How is the DNA in prokaryotes different from from the DNA in a eukaryotes?

dna in eukaryotes is located in the nucleus

Two different species of mosquito have different body structures. Both of these species have DNA that tell their bodies how to grow. How can DNA produce two very different species?

different organism have dna with nucleotide base in a different order

Is DNA of bacteria any different from the DNA of the human?


Is all DNA different from chimpanzee DNA?


How come everybodys DNA different?

Because everybody has different parents and different relatives that has DNA from ancestors as well.

Why is DNA sometimes called the fingerprint inside your body?

because everyone has different DNA and different fingerprints.