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Q: Are there hazards to burning wood with fungus growing on it?
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How do bracket fungus reproduce?

It reproduce by releasing themselves when the wind blows

Which is a physical chsnge burning oil cutting wood baking a cake or growing a plant?

a baking cake

Why lpg is a better domestic fuel than wood?

Wood is better if you have plenty of wood available and can grow more trees while you are burning the old ones. That makes you carbon-neutral, because while burning wood produces CO2, growing wood takes CO2 out of the atmosphere in equal measure.

If you have installed astro turf over wood but you now have fungus growing out of the astro turf and you were wondering what would cause this Tks?

lack of weed killer perhaps

Is there a product that will protect cedar shingles and pressure treated decks and prevent fungus from growing on them?

Peterson's Weatherproofing for wood...liquid similar to paint except thinner.

Why is decayed wood soft?


Is wood burning an example of combustion?

Yes, wood burning is an example of combustion.

Burning wood a physical or chemical?

Burning wood is a chemical reaction because combustion (burning) is an oxidation reaction.

Industrial burning wood manufacture plant?

enqurie about industarial burning wood manufature

Why does burning wood and burning fossil fuels produce similar pollutants?

Burning fossil fuels and burning wood produce similar pollutants because wood and fossil fuels are both consist of hydrogen and carbon. Carbon dioxide is produced when burning wood and fossil fuel.

Free wood burning patterns?

Free wood burning patterns have instructions on how to use the pattern. Woodworkers Woodshop and Carving Patterns have free patterns for wood burning. Another option is that you can draw a pattern by hand for your wood burning project.

Do you remove the grate to burn wood in wood burning stove?

No. You need the grate in for air circulation around the burning wood.