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Water pressure increases with depth, so the deepest spot in the ocean is probably the location of the greatest water pressure. The Marianas trench is the deepest place (10,911m) and the pressure is 108.6 MPa. For a comparason, the standard sea-level air pressure is only 101.325 kPa, or about 1000 less.

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Probably on the bottom of the Mariana Trench

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Q: At which ocean feature would the most amount of pressure be exerted?
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How is the absorption of heat is important to aqauatic organisms?

It is important for organisms that live in the deep ocean to absorb heat, since it is very cold in that region of the ocean. Without the heat, they would die. Some organisms absorb heat from ocean vents, which provide a large amount of heat.

What are 6 fantastic facts about the deep ocean vent ecosystem?

1.there is no sunlight have to survive the pressure 3.its cold 4.2,000 meters down 5.deepest part of th ocean 6.its a self-containing world with complex food

We human beings are surrounded by air so why don't we get smashed because of atmospheric pressure?

Pressure differentials are a cause of structural movement. Since the human body's internal pressure is basically that of atmospheric pressure, the human body experiences no change in structure. When the human body is exposed to vacuum pressure such as in space, the human bodies pressure would exert a force greater than that of the vacuum resulting in the human body to expand...(and explode ). When submerged beneath the ocean at great depths, the human body's internal pressure would not be enough to "push" against the force of the water and would implode...

What is the Definition of salinization?

The degree or amount of saltiness of a given subsance such as the ocean is called salinity.

What are the amounts of ocean abiotic factors in the daylight zone?

The 3 Abiotic factors of the sunlight zone is 1. Average Tempture- 64.4 2. Water Pressure- 29.4-148lbs 3- Light Level-?????

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Why is a submarine in danger of being crushed if it travels to the bottom of the ocean?

The pressure exerted on the hull of the sub will get too great and crush it.

What is the primary reasons that humans can't measure features of the ocean floor directly?

At great depths, the pressure exerted by the water is too high.

What ocean floor feature underwater volcano?

There is an extrmely high amount of underwater volcanoes on pretty much every ocean floor.

How and why do temperature and pressure vary with ocean depth?

At sea level,the pressure of the atmosphere pushing down on the ocean surface is reffered to as 1 atmosphere of pressure.An atmosphere is the pressure exerted on a surface at sea level by the column of air above it.As you go below the oceans surface ,the pressure increases because of the force of the water molecules pushing down.

What The largest feature beneath the ocean?

Yes. The largest feature beneath the ocean is the ocean basin.

Why does pressure build up when you go down in the ocean?

The same reason pressure builds up when you pile a thousand pounds of dirt onto someone. If you are 100 feet under water you are under many tons of water. Good thing all of that weight isn't directly exerted onto you, but spread out evenly in the ocean.

Why is air pressure greatest at earthes surface?

Same reason water pressure is the highest at the bottom of the ocean - the amount of stuff above, pushing down.

What other ocean floor feature is formed by movement of Earth's plates?

what other ocean floor feature is fromed by movement of earth's plates

Is the ocean a physical feature?


What ocean floor feature is formed by movement of earths plate?

what other ocean floor feature is fromed by movement of earth's plates

The feature on the ocean floor at C is called a?

deep ocean trench

Which of the objects below will have the largest buoyant force exerted on it when placed in the ocean?

A large cruise ship.