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Q: Attraction or repulsion of certain cells to chemicals in their environment in cells are?
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What ia a magnet?

Magnets are materials that can exert a force of attraction or repulsion on certain objects.Magnets can be strong or weak, depending on their internal arrangements.

Why sharing electrons causes atoms to bond together?

When electrons are shared between atoms, the nuclei of both atoms experience attraction towards the electrons and vice versa. At a certain distance, the attraction is maximal because the repulsion between the nuclei is small while the attraction of each nuclei to the electrons is strong. Thus, the atoms are held together by their attraction to the shared electrons.

What is anything in the environment that causes a reaction or change in an organism?

Certain chemicals and radiation in the environment can cause a reaction or mutation in an organism. Such changes may alter organisms genotype or phenotype. Chemicals that induce changes in organisms DNA is called mutagens.

Which of the following is the best example of how factors within a person's environment can influence their personal health?

exposure to certain chemicals increasing the risk of cancer

What is cultural attraction?

it is a attraction that is apart of the certain type of culture that u are apart of

What layer of the atmosphere is being destroyed by certain chemicals?

The ozone layer present in the stratospheric region of the atmosphere is being destroyed by certain chemicals. These chemicals are CFCs.

What role does the environment play in preventing major chronic illness such as respiratory diseases and cancers?

When speaking of the environment creating by humans, the exposure to certain chemicals, products, and substances has been proven to cause illnesses over time.

Will the North Pole of one magnet attract to the North Pole of another magnet?

No. Two like poles repel each other; two different poles (north and south) attract each other. (This has a certain similarity with the electrostatic attraction and repulsion. However, while there are certain relationships between electricity and magnetism, they should still be considered different forces.)

What are some examples of the destructive effects of consumerism?

One of the destructive effects that consumerism has had would be that of "global warming". As society's use of certain chemicals have increased, so has irreversible damage to the environment.

A mineral that demonstrates an attraction to certain other materials has this property.?


What is the difference between a chemical symbol and a chemical bond?

The primary difference is a chemical bond is many times stronger than a attraction between molecules.

Can chemicals in a body wash be harmful?

Yes It has been proven certain chemicals in the body wash CAN be harmful in certain circumstances. My best advice is to stick with bar soap.