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This is the symptoms of tongue sore ,Get the treatment in the beginning stage itself.

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Wanted to know what causes your tongue to get very sore and red

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Q: Back of tongue coated tip and underneath of tongue red and sore with dark red spot in centre?
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Were does tongue piercing go?

The tongue piercing is usually placed about an inch back from the tip of the tongue, directly through the centre.

What muscle elevates the tongue?

Styloglossus elevates and retracts tongue Genioglossus protrudes and depresses centre of tongue Hyoglossus depresses tongue Palatoglossus elevates back of tongue and depresses soft palate and moves palatopharyngeal folds to midline.

What is wrong if you are 15 and your tongue has red raised lumps at back underneath and side of tongue uncomfortable to swallow and sore throat?

It should be an precaution or symptoms of tongue sore or it may be canker sore

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What taste is primarily detected on the back of the tongue?

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White lump at back of your tongue?

A lump at the back of your tongue could be something minor like an irritation. It could also be from allergies or an injury.

Where are the bitter taste buds are in your tongue?

They are furthest back on your tongue.

Which part of tongue taste bitter food?

The back of your tongue!

What are blisters on the back of tongue?

i have blisters on the back of tongue along with a yellow patch in the middle of tongue. started nystatin mouthwash. any suggestions?

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