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Q: Branch of Biology that groups and names organisms?
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What is the practice of classifying organisms?

Taxonomy- branch of biology that groups and names organisms based on studies of their shared characteristics; biologists who study taxonomy are called taxonomists.

What is the branch of biology that groups and names species based on studies of their different characteristics?


What branch of biology is concerned with organisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye?

Microbiology is concerned with the study of organisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. These small organisms are called micro-organisms. E.g. :- bacteria, algae etc.

What are names of two main groups of organisms in fungi?

yeast and moulds

What biology branch begins with the letter Y?

Wikipeadia lists 24 "branches of biology". Their names all end in "Y", but none listed there start with "Y".

What is a group of the same organisms?

In the English language, there are a huge variety of names for groups of animals and groups of plants and groups of people.See the "What are the names for various groups of animals?" for some of them.Typically such groups have members that are related to each other.The special case of a group of organisms that are genetically identical to each other -- which happens in the wild with many kinds of plants and bacteria, and a very few species of animals -- is called a clonal colony.

What are the names of the domains in biology?


What is the difference between physiology and anatomy?

Anatomy describes and names the parts of the body. Physiology describes how these parts function.

What is the definition of taxonomy?

a method of grouping organisms a way of classifying organisms

What are different names for biology?

The Study of Cocaine & Marijuana

What are the names of the three levels of government?

Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, and Legislative Branch

How were organisms grouped before Linnaeus?

There were many different methods of grouping organisms before Linnaeus which is why the modern single method of grouping is so much better. Most used latin names for the groups.