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yes... you call those hermaphrodites.... i think Lady Gaga is one... haha... just kidding

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Yes, for further information research the word hermaphrodite.

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yes, its called a hermaphrodite

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Q: Can an individual have both reproductive system?
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What organ system is not critical for the maintenance of the body?

The reproductive system. Only with regards to the individual of course!

What are some similarities of the female reproductive system and the male reproductive system?

They are both reproductive systems.

What function of the reproductive system is solely a function of the female reproductive system?

development and nourishment of a new individual

Is the gland in female or a male reproductive system?

Both have gland in the reproductive system.

Does a bisexual flower have one reproductive system or both reproductive systems?

it has only one reproductive system

What are the differences between a mouses reproductive system and a humans reproductive system?

they are both living and you'll have to probably cut them both open to see

What is the Relation of the urinary system to the reproductive system in both males and females?

In females there is no direct relationship. In males, the penis has both an excretory and reproductive function.

Is the reproductive system necessary for survival?

It is necessary for species survival as a whole. Although reproduction generates an individual, the individual's own reproductive system is not necessary for its survival; although loss or damage to the organs may have deleterious effects beyond loss of breeding ability.

What is the function of urinary bladder of male in reproductive system?

It has no function in the reproductive system. The bladder is almost completely isolated from the reproductive system by several valves that automatically prevent both from being used at once. If the bladder does get involved, you often have a fairly major medical problem with either or both of the reproductive and urinary systems.

What organ in the urinary system is closely associated with the reproductive system?

In the male the penis and urethra are organs that are used in both the urinary and reproductive systems.

System is responsible for producing offspring?

The reproductive system...

Which organ of the female reproductive system is functionally part of the endocrine system?

The ovaries are part of the woman's reproductive system that produce the estrogen hormone, which is produced in three varieties, and the progesterone hormone.