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Eyeballs contain two types of liquid - the Aqueous humor and the Vitreous humor, both of which are comprised of mostly water- which as we all know freezes and turns into ice. If you had a set of eyeballs, detached from the human or animal body (for example cow eyeballs used for dissection purposes) they would freeze at 32 degrees F or 0 degrees Celsius- or perhaps a few degrees below due to the tissues surrounding the eye. Eyeballs attached to a living human/animal will not freeze unless the entire body is lethally frostbitten-

When the eye is attached to the human body there is a constant supply of warm blood circulating throughout the eye, regardless of the temperature outside. There is also a massive amount of muscle and tissue surrounding the socket to keep the eye warm. So unless the actual body is dying from cold, your eyes will be fine.

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Q: Can eyeballs freeze
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