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Low potassium does not cause leg swelling.

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Q: Can low potassium cause leg swelling?
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Can low iron cause leg cramps and swelling of legs?

The most common deficiency associated with leg cramps and swelling is potassium.

Does low potassium cause leg aches?


Does potassium cause leg cramps?

Potassium is a key electrolyte in muscle contraction. So if your potassium levels or low or high it can cause cramps. Sara, RN

Does Ice chewing cause low potassium?

No, ice chewing does not cause one to have low potassium. If you have low potassium, you need to talk with your doctor.

Are leg cramps a symptom of low potassium?

It could be.

Can low potassium cause muscle pain?

Yes, low potassium may cause muscle pain.

Can low iron cause cramps in left arm and leg?

Muscle cramps are usually caused by low potassium (K) eating foods high in potassium can help to prevent this such almonds. Although most people would suggest bananas , bananas raises insulin. Insulin lowers potassium in the blood. Low iron (which is more likely to happen in women) will cause blood problems and related effects such as fatigue and other issues including restless leg syndrome.

Could my leg cramps at night be from a low potassium level?

According the research, a lack of potassium can give leg cramps at night. In order to prevent this, a person should eat food with high potassium such as banana.

Can low potassium cause headaches?

yes i think

Can low blood pressure cause hand swelling?

It can cause swelling or hands, feet and throat. If swelling by low blood pressure occurs, it will take effect on the throat and there is a high risk present of suffocating. Good luck.

Low Sodium?

Can low sodium cause extreme leg cramps?

Can your kidneys cause high blood pressure?

low potassium

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