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Apparently that method has been used during wars, when there was nothing else around to use. But it is far from the recommended thing to do when you have other things that can help! Try Neosporin or hydrogen peroxide. MUCH better than urine!

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Q: Can male urine be used to prevent infections in wounds on themselves?
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What are anti infectives?

medicines used to treat or prevent infections of the urinary tract--the passage through which urine flows from the kidneys out of the body.

Can a UTI cause a seizure?

Yes, this is more common on people that already have a seizure disorder such as epilepsy. Repeated infections can lower the seizure threshold. Also, antibiotics used to treat UTIs, especially fluoroquinolones, can increase seizure activity in epileptics. Fevers are sometimes present with UTIs, and fevers can also produce seizures. This is more likely in an elderly patient with diminished blood flow to the brain. If the person is unable to communicate that they are in pain due to a stroke or other reason, they also may be more likely to have a seizure.

What type of infection is cloxacillin used for?

Bacterial infections like urine tract infections

What antibiotics for urinary tract infections?

Sulfonamides antibiotics such as co-trimoxazole

What can cause human urine to burn sometimes?


If one is prone to urine infections but wont drink water what can be done to stop the urine infections?

go to the doc, get antibiotics, take them with a glass of coke. or mix them with your food if you want.

Can Ky Jelly cause urine Tract infections?


Alcohol before surgery?

Most of the surgeons that I know run HIV, UDS (urine drug screens), blood alcohol, and other tests for STD's to protect themselves from infections and from malpractice suits.

What are signs of kidney infections?

Colored Urine, Protein in urine, back pain right where the kidneys are.

Does glycosuria turn urine cloudy?

Glycosuria does not turn urine cloudy. Diabetic people are more prone to urinary tract infections which can result in cloudy urine.

What is the maximum length of time urine be stored for testing?

Everyone is different regarding how long they can hold their urine in their body. However, in order to prevent UTI's, bladder infections, and bladder problems, it is best to use the restroom as soon as you feel the need to.Ê

Does urine neutralize wasp stings?

Urine does not neutralize wasp stings. In fact, urine that is applied to the spot where you have been stung could cause severe infections to develop.