Can Rashes kill you

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can Rashes kill you
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Can you show a list of body rashes?

- - - Arm Pit Rashes Leg Rashes Nose Rashes Ear Rashes - - -

How does Mercury causes rashes?

Mercury is VERY VERY poisonous. It combines with body chemicals to form compounds that kill nerves and destroy tissues.

Do people have rashes?

Yes, people do have rashes. Even animals.

When a kid has rashes does it happen in the face?

When anyone has rashes, they can appear anywhere. It is not unnatural for someone to have rashes on their face, so if you are worried, you need not be.

Does posion oak kill you?

Posion Oak was not found to kill. It causes severe rashes and other skin irritations. Maybe a lot can be very harmful to your body, but normally would not kill you. If you have a rash or skin irritaion from posion oak, it can be treated. Never touch or go around posion oak.

Can typhus cause rashes?

Skin rashes are one external symptom of typhus (Rickettsia) infection.

What is the plural form of the word rash?

The plural form of the word "rash" is "rashes."

Rashes effect what layer of skin?

Skin rashes have many causes from completely benign to serious reactions. Most skin rashes affect the top layer of skin known as the epidermis.

Is this necessary to have rashes on face for having a baby boy?

Rashes on the face have nothing to do with what sex your unborn child is.

Are rashes common in infancy?

Rashes are extremely common in infancy, and are usually not serious at all and can be treated at home

Where can one learn about skin rash?

You can learn about skin rashes either through books about the skin or on the internet by doing a search about skin rashes. Your doctor can also give you information on skin rashes.

What is a lucema?

lucema is me i have it it is rashes