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Q: Can toe touches compress discs and possibly cause them to rupture?
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What is the correct oil reading?

Where it indicates "full" on the oil dipstick. Overfilling will cause too much pressure and possibly rupture oil lines.

Could the Heimlich procedure cause the spleen to rupture?

the Answer is yes pressure on your diaphragm can cause you spleen to rupture

What is a sentence using the word rupture?

Heavy exercise or lifting can sometimes cause muscle rupture

Can a newborn baby survive a brain rupture?

"Brain rupture" is not a normal medical term. Do you mean the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm? It depends on the severity and location of the rupture... some are non-fatal, and others can cause death.

What cause hemorrhage?

Rupture of one of the cerebral arteries.

Will acids in your stomach cause infectious diseases?

it can if you're an alcoholic because the alcohol can rupture you're stomach therefore letting your stomach acids will get in the rupture and cause a infectious disease

What causes an eardrum to rupture?

high pitched noses cause that

Can smoking and being on the depo shot cause birth defects if pregnant?

Smoking is know to cause premature birth, low birth weight, and premature rupture of membranes, but can possibly cause more serious birth defects.

What can Cause a delayed loud noise in upstairs wall after flushing downstairs toilet?

Hydraulic shock from quick closing valves and can cause piping to rupture Hydraulic shock from quick closing valves and can cause piping to rupture

Can car accidents cause your appendix to rupture?

One Word answer: Yes

What are two conditions that can cause a stroke?

blockage of vessel, or rupture of vessel.

Which germs can damage organs and cause a spleen to rupture?

Malaria commonly causes enlargement of liver and spleen. Enlargement of the spleen can be enormous. ( Upto umbilicus can be found. At times larger than this.) Spleen does not rupture due to enlargement. But then small blow to upper and outer or central abdomen can cause rupture of spleen and death.