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No. nothing you eat,drink, smoke, put on it or do is going to increase penis size. We get what we get and live with it.

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Q: Can you increase your penis size by eating bananas?
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How do you increase breast size by banana?

By eating Bananas

Is surgery the only thing that will increase penis size?

No, it's rumored that eating right and exercising daily helps increase the size of the penis.

How do you increase penis size without drugs?

You can't increase your penis size with any drugs, vacuum devices etc etc. The only way to increase the size of your penis is to get an erection.

A easy and healthy way to increase the size of your penis?

There is no food, supplement, or exercise that has been proven to increase or decrease the size of the penis.

How big a weight is needed to increase the size of the penis?

Weights are not proven to increase penis size, and in fact it could be dangerous or harmful if you try hanging anything from your penis.

How do you increase my penis diameter?

There is nothing you can do to permanently change the size of your penis.

How do you increase size on penis?

cosmetic surgery

Does circumcision increase your penis size when it errects?


I am 32 a years old my penis is 5.0 cm can you increase Penis Size?

you can increase it by getting bjs

Can you gain penis size after 32 yrs?

There are no proven methods to increase your penis size except for surgery.

What are some easy ways to increase penis size?

I have heard that pulling on your unerect penis can increase the size. Answer: It does, but it doesn't work like that. There are traction devices. Just google: "Penis Extenders".

Why are some bananas red?

There are three main varieties of banana:Yellow eating bananasRed eating bananas, about half the size of the yellowPlantains or cooking bananas, must be cooked before being eaten

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