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Q: Can you kill an enzyme
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What is an enzyme that is also an antibiotic that kill disease-causing bacteria?

Enzyme Inhibitors

What are the levels of confirmation of an enzyme?

enzyme only work at a specific temperature of 37 if the temperature should exceed this temperature if will kill the enzyme

What does the bacterial enzyme leukocidin do?

This enzyme is produced by some bacteria to kill leukocytes mainly neutrophils. The name leukocidin tells you what it does. Leuko = white + cidin = kill.

What is inhibition and why enzymes need to be inhibited?

- Inhibition of an enzyme is to inhibit the catalytic activity of the enzyme. - Because, by blocking or inhibiting an enzyme's activity can kill a pathogen or correct a metabolic imbalance. Example : Inhibition of HIV protease.

What temperature is enzyme usaually inactive at?

95degree C for 5min will kill/denature most of the proteins in a preparation.

How does pH influence enzyme activity?

Enzymes work within an optimal range of pH levels. If the ph level is either above or below the range, it could denature and kill the enzyme.

Why it is better to breath using nose then mouth?

If you breathe through your nose you have the hairs which catch the bacteria and then you have enzymes that come and kill the bacteria leaving them as bogeys. now every enzyme is like a fingerprint, unique. Every enzyme has another enzyme that helps it, one catches and one kills. but only one type of enzyme can kill a type of bacteria. So breathing through your nose kills more. If you breathe through your mouth your spit has the same process but because of the loss of hairs you don't kill as many bacteria. Hope I helped.

What did you learn out of jello enzyme lab?

Enzymes kill the proteins in gelatin. If an enzyme is cooked, then the enzymes are killed so the jello still forms. Basically, if the jello did not form properly, then the item in the jello has enzymes.

Why you put clavulanic acid with amoxicillin?

Clavulanic acid is an antibiotic, which selectively blocks the betalactamase enzyme. So the amoxicillin is left free to kill the bacteria, which produce betalactamase enzyme. For this advantage, clavulanic acid is added with amoxicillin.

Does acid kill enzymes?

While "kill" isn't the right word for it since enzymes are not alive, a change in pH (becoming more acidic for instance) can cause an enzyme to denature and become useless.

Why boil a leaf for starch test?

It is to kill the cytoplasm, denaturate the enzyme and makes the leaf become more permeable to the iodine solution, therefor, we have to boil a leaf for starch test

An enzyme function is dependent on its?

The function of an enzyme is dependent on the shape of the enzyme. The structure and shape determines what the enzyme can do.

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