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Only, if the needle has infected blood on it.

P.S: If you worry that you have HIV, your mind will attract it and soon you will have HIV so stop worrying and live a clean,careful and a normal life!

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Q: Can you tell me if you prick your finger with a dirty needle is there a chance of catching HIV?
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If you prick your finger with a dirty needle is there a chance of catching HIV?

If the needle is dirty from someone else's bodily fluid then yes. If it's just dirty in general you should be concerned about tetnus. If it's got someone else's bodily fluids or was in someone else you should also worry about Hepatitis

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Can you get blood poisoning from a dirty needle?


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What should you do if you stick yourself with a dirty needle?

You go to the hospital to get yourself checked

What disease can you get from using a dirty needle?

"TRUE YOU CAN" You can get HIV from using a dirty needle so clearly do so is crazy! Even if you get pricked accidentally you can contract the disease, there will be an agonising wait while you wait to see if you are infected or not.

What are the odds of contracting hiv after getting stuck with a dirty needle?

Probably about 50/50.

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