Could extra bones on legs be dangerous?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Extra bones are not too dangerous. I myself have 3 extra bones on my legs. One of these is on the back of my leg ... i had this remove as it was giving me bother walking. the other two are on the inside of my knees. Extra bones are caused at the growth plates on your main bones, i.e the Femur or likewise. To answer your question they can sometimes cause more wear and tear but are generally smooth, mines was causing the muscle to cramp round it hence why i got it removed. if you are worried make an appointment with your GP to get it checked. hope that this helps

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Q: Could extra bones on legs be dangerous?
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How are the legs bones?

the legs have bones in them: the femur, tibia, and fibula. these are bones. the legs are not all bones, though. they have tissue and muscle and fat as well.

Can a snake present its legs in a dangerous situation?

No. It cannot present what it does not have. Even if it could, it can move faster without legs than if it had them.

What is legs bones?

Leg bones are the bones in your leg and they are the things that help you walk.

What kind of bones can brake from jump?

the bones in your legs and arms

The group of bones which support the legs are called the?

The group of bones that support the legs form part of the appendicular skeleton. These bones include the femur, tibia and fibula.

Does leach have legs?

no they do not have any legs. Caution: they are dangerous

Do you eat the bones in frog legs?

No. Frog legs are eaten much like chicken, you eat the meat and discard the bones.

How many bones does an Equus horse have in their legs?

Horses have 40 bones per leg for a total of 160 bones in all 4 legs.

Where are the long bones in a human?

in the legs

Who is that animal which has no bones in his legs?


How many bones do you in your legs?


What is the skeletal system for a panda bear?

panda's skeletal system is the bones it contians. its front two legs bones has the structure of our hand and the hind leg bones has the structure of haman legs.