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Q: DNA insertion mutations may be caused by the invasion of?
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What can DNA insertion mutations be caused by the invasion of?

viruses i found your same question on this same website asked by someone else. LOL No one would answer yourSincerely, Teru_-san

What is the name for a change in DNA?

The answer is Mutations! The 3 basic types of mutations are substitution, insertion, and deletion.

What can cause mutations in the DNA structure?

errors in duplicating the DNA when splitting cells. there can be an insertion in the code, a deletion, and a change.

What is variation caused by?

It is caused by crossing over in sexual reproduction and random mutations in DNA.

What are the factors that can increase number of mutations?

A mutation is simply an accidental change in your genes or DNA sequence. The types of mutations in biology are:substitution, insertion,delection and frame-shift.

What can mutate?

Mutations are the result of an error in the duplication process of DNA. These include insertion errors in DNA (base-pairing, dimers), DNA silencing, abnormal protein synthesis, and defective chromosomes.

What a is mutation?

A mutation is simply a change in your genes or DNA sequence. The types of mutations in Biology are: substitution, insertion, deletion, and frame-shift. Contrary to popular belief, mutations are often harmless.

What makes mutations happen?

A mutation in humans is caused by a misconnection of DNA chromosomes and cells. Not all mutations are genetics some are just a fluke with the DNA match up.

What are the types of genetic mutations?

1. Insertion- when a nucleotide gets added to the DNA strand2. Substitution- when a nucleotide gets replaced on the DNA strand3. Deletion- when a nucleotide gets deleted from the DNA strandThose are all of the DNA mutation types. Hoped this really helped you out

Changes in a DNA sequence caused by substitution of one nucleotide for another?

Point mutations

What can cause changes in DNA sequences?


What is the reason for cancer?

Mutations in the DNA, which can either be spontaneous or caused by a carcinogen. Occurs on vital parts of a cells DNA, causing it to then replicate uncontrollably.