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protist cells have membranes, skin cells have walls

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Q: Difference between human and protist skin cells?
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What is the similarities and difference between the bacteria and human cells?

a human cells have DNA and bacteria has plasmid

What is the difference between the human cells and a computer cells?

The difference is that human cells are made up of all different things but a computer cell is found on a circuit board.

What do human cells have that animal cells dont?

Aside from different DNA, there isn't really much of a difference between animal cells and human cells. Human cells are an example of an animal cell.

What is a difference between the brains of human and other mammals?

billions of cells.

What is the difference between a human cell and a escherichia coli cells?

cells of a multicellular organisms are specialized

What are the differences between human cells and animals cells?

Well... Human beings are animals, so you cannot really compare human cells to animal cells. But it's just the difference of DNA sequencing among different animals

What is the Difference between human blood from animal blood?

It depends on what kind of animal it is. If it is an amphibian, the red blood cells will have a nucleus. Human red blood cells do not have nuclei.

What is the difference between a human being and a person?

difference between human being & human person?

What is the difference between computer virus and a human body virus?

Computer virus' attack switches whereas human virus' affect cells.

What are some differences between epithelial cells and muscle cells?

One difference between epithelial cells and muscle cells is their location in the human body. Epithelial cells are skin cells on the outside of the body. Muscle cells are located in the muscle under the skin.

What is the difference between industrial biotechnology and biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the use of cells or products of these cells for the service of human. while industrial biotechnology deals with the production of these products on industrial level.

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what is the difference between a ecto skelaton and a human skelaton