Do boys grow up

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Most do, some stay boys forever.

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Q: Do boys grow up
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What did the rocket boys grow up to be?

The Rocket Men

Do boys grow after puberty?

Yes. Men can contine to grow in height up until their 20's.

Why boys are more fashionable then girls?

They grow up like that. They are influenced into it.

Why are girls more into fashion then boys?

They grow up like that. They are influenced into it.

When boys get sacked does that reduce the chance of having babys when they grow up?


Why are boys wacko?

Because they ARE boys, and they do not grow up until at least the age of fifty. Then only after a good wife has trained them.

Why is growing up among boys a bit scary?

It is scary to grow up for everyone, regardless of who they are around.

What did mr pendanski and the boys talk about in the circle?

They were talking about what Stanley wanted to be when he grows up..

What will you say to boys that look in the girls' restroom?

You girls should say:"Grow up kiddo."

When most teen boys start to grow up physically does hunger grow?

Yes it's a known fact that many teen boys become like hungry wolves in puberty.The energy is needed for growing.

Are their more girls than boys?

Yes. People often like boys than girls because when boys grow up, they could stay with their parents

Who grow the faster girls or boys?

Boys sometimes.