Do foreskins get diseases

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Anything can get a disease. However the claim that circumcision is a way of preventing disease is ridiculous and has long since been proven wrong. The majority of the worlds men, more then 80% of them are genitally intact. and the incidence of STD,s is higher among those that have had their penis mutilated through circumcision. The intact penis like any other part of the body needs to be kept clean in order to keep it healthy.

Yes, and circumcision is the only way to prevent them.

Penile cancer, genital warts , adhesion's , usually from uncleanliness. Keep your foreskin scrupulously clean, use condoms [ with or without ] of get circumcised.

And circumcision will not prevent any of these things, but it helps. As does good personal hygiene , and safe sex or abstinence.

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Q: Do foreskins get diseases
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