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The removal of a man's testicles does NOT affect his penis size

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Q: Do the removal of a mans testicles affect penis size?
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Probably as big as any other mans testicles.

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Sperm is created in the testicles of a man.

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It can I was dehydrated and my testicles were terrible then I got water into me and it started to help

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The scrotum has to keep the sperm inside the mans testicles at a temperature less than the normal body temperature. when it gets cold, his scrotum contracts and moves closer to his body tosperm warm enough. and when its hot his scrotum will hang down away from the body. The size of the scrotum is always changing to keep the testicles at the right temperature, there is no average size of the scrotum. Each man's scrotum is a different size depending on his genetics, build, testicles' size, penis size, body temperature, etc.

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No, the size of the penis is irrelevant.

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The prepuce and glans

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