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Yes, warm-blooded animals tend to have a fairly constant body temperature. The scientific word for a creature with a fairly constant body temperature is thermoregulation.

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2014-08-22 07:43:22
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Q: Do warmblooded animals have a fairly constant body temperature?
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What portion of the atmosphere where temperature remains fairly constant?

It is the stratosphere atmospheric zone where the temperature stays fairly constant, at -60 degrees Celsius. The stratosphere layer contains the ozone layer.

What is required for fermentation to occur?

Yeast, sugar and a fairly constant temperature.

What is the lowest temperature on Neptune?

Neptune has a fairly constant temperature of 72 degrees Kelvin. 200 c

When heating wax why does the temperature stay fairly constant?

When there is a change of state occuring (in this case from solid to liquid), temperature will remain constant. Energy is absorbed to weaken the intermolecular forces between the wax particles.

What is homoeothermy?

the same as 'warm-blooded', so an animal that can keep it's core body temperature fairly constant whatever the temperature of the surrounding environment.

What is the layer of smooth muscle that wrinkles the scrotal skin to help maintain a fairly constant intrascrotal temperature?


Does the total amount of water on earth remain fairly constant or change regularly?

fairly constant

Why is the temperature fairly constant for land masses surrounded by large bodies of water?

the water cools the air, making it cooler

How hot is Venus?

The temperature of Venus is fairly constant:-735 degrees Kelvin461 degrees Centigrade.863.33 degrees Fahrenheitits highest temperature was about 425 degrees Celsius

What is the temperature of mercury at room temperature?

Assuming "Room Temperature" is fairly constant (i.e not fluctuating dramatically) and the sample of Mercury has had time to equilibriate with it's surroundings, then the temperature of the Mercury will be the same as "Room Temperature".. what ever that happens to be at the time.

Do mammals maintain a constant body temperature?

They use their circulatory system. The blood flowing through out the body keeps the body fairly warm.

Does a Satellite's speed remain constant?

Yes, it remains fairly constant.

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