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Yes, you should go to a doctors office if you have a kidney infection. You need to do that because if you don't eventuly it will get worse and there could be a chance of life or deth.

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Q: Do you need to see a doctor for a kidney infection?
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Should you see a kidney doctor for kidney infection?

No, you should see your primary care provider first for a kidney infection (or urgent care, if your primary is not available).

What does it means when you have bumps on your private area and it burns to pee?

You could have a bladder infection. See your Doctor! :)

How can you cured if you have kidney infection?

Antibiotics is the thing so see a doctor.

What are the symptoms of kindey infection?

The symptoms of a kidney infection include high fever, horrible pain in the back and pain when urinating. You have to see a doctor for a kidney infection.

What does it mean if you are peaing out blood non stop?

It is possible you have a bladder or kidney infection but you need to go to urgent care! Now! And have a urine test for infection. You need to see a doctor. This is my opinion and not a medical diagnosis. If no urgent care is near go to the emergency room or call your family doctor. What ever you prefer just see a doctor.

What causes clots of mucus and blood to come out of your penis?

Possibly kidney stones, but go see your doctor immediately.

What should you do if your guinea pig has a kidney infection?

Usually too find out if your guinea pig has a kidney infection you see your doctor and he will give you medications and you should keep them on a healthy die (no brocily)

What is wrong when a little blood comes from the urinary tract?

Urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder infection are top3 see your doctor ASAP

Bright yellow urine and back pain?

This occurs when you don't drink enough water. This can cause infection in your kidneys.

Why heavy blood in your urine?

It may be a kidney infection or something more serious! Please see your doctor ASAP!

If you suspect a kidney infection and you blood pressure is unusually high should they be concerned?

Yes. Go see a doctor.

What should you do about foul smelling urine and burning when you urinate?

You need to go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) about this as soon as possible. Sounds like a Kidney bladder infection.