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At birth, the eye may be healthy or it may suffer from various genetic problems or even from infections contracted in utero or in the birth canal.

The ability of a healthy eye to see can be impaired by a lack of sufficient normal visual stimulation or activity, such as (1) insufficient nutrients, (2) insufficient bloodflow, (3) insufficient oxygenation due to sedentary habits, (4) sustained nearpoint vision such as in needlework, reading printed material, or prolonged use of a computer, or (5) lack of sufficient sunlight or prolonged exposure to artificial lighting that does not imitate natural sunlight.

A normal eye in the outdoors must constantly adapt to visual stimuli at widely varying distances. Indoors, the end range of visual requirements is cut short, and if this dramatic limitation on visual activity becomes the norm, the eye will lose its normal flexibility for adapting to see distant objects.

If the field of vision is further restricted to a distance of one or two feet (as in sustained nearpoint work), the eye lens and cornea become virtually 'frozen' at myopic range settings.

If sustained nearpoint vision is the reason for lack of visual acuity, the natural acuity range for an eye can be restored by restimulating its longer-range functions with an eye exercise program like Rebuild Your Vision.

This is not unlike physical therapy, which stimulates nerve and muscle function by external stimulation. The normal connections from the nerves to the brain are restored. The muscle tissue is manually stimulated so that it is fed by the resulting increased blood circulation and grows stronger.

A more closely analogous exercise regimen is whole body exercise and targeted muscle exercise, such as at a gym, which develop muscle strength, size and endurance for heart, arm, chest, back, and leg muscles.

The Rebuild Your Vision program is one of many eye exercise programs which have been carefully designed to stimulate certain critical visual skills which may have atrophied or may have lost immediacy through disuse. It is like a 'mini-gym' for the eyes. As long as the basic organic tissues necessary for these visual skills are still intact, their functions can be restimulated and restored through faithful application of targeted exercises over a period of weeks or months.

Here is an endorsement from a satisfied user of the Rebuild Your Vision program:

At age 59, I stopped wearing my rigid gas permeable contact lenses (which I had worn 18+ hours a day for 40 years), and went back to wearing my eyeglasses so that I could take them off frequently during the day. My lack of lens adaptability since age 40 had made it impossible to see both near and far with my contact lenses, and I had been reduced to wearing reading eyeglasses slung around my neck while I had my contacts in.

My vision was 20/200 in the right eye and 20/400+ (or 'count fingers') in the left eye. Reading was difficult with or without my glasses, I couldn't comfortably watch TV with my glasses off even from 6 feet away, and I certainly wouldn't have tried driving without my contact lenses (I could hardly do so with my eyeglasses).

Without contact lenses, my vision improved so much that in a few weeks I became able to comfortably drive with my eyeglasses even at night: the woolly-mammoth headlights of the oncoming cars began to normalize into just headlights with a blurry aura.

Because of that improvement, I reconsidered the possibility that eye exercises could help me. I bought the Rebuild Your Vision program, which instructed me in how to do a small number of very simple eye exercises.

One month after I began the program, I devised a way to measure my progress, and tested each eye to see how far away an object with tiny print was when I could see it sharply. I tested my eyes again three weeks later. In the meantime, I only had time to do the daily exercises on nine of the 21 days.

In spite of my doing the daily exercises less than half the time suggested, the range of clear vision for my very myopic eyes improved measurably: 2 inches for my left eye and 4 1/2 inches for my right eye.

This range refers to a small area several inches away from the eye, as my vision was not at all clear from very close up.

Nov. 18, left eye: 3/4-inch range (object was clear between 5 1/4 - 6 inches away)

Dec. 9, left eye: 2 3/4-inch range (object was clear between 4 1/2 - 7 1/4 inches away)

Nov. 18, right eye: 3-inch range (object was clear between 8 1/2 - 11 1/2 inches away)

Dec. 9, right eye: 7 1/2-inch range (object was clear between 6 1/2 - 14 inches away)

That was three years ago. I continued the daily Rebuild Your Vision exercises for a year, and carried a copy of the 3-Cups exercise with me so that I could do it while I was away from home.

I found ways to incorporate the exercises into my everyday 'looking,' and eventually made the transition to improving my vision without the daily Rebuild Your Vision exercises but with an awareness of how to use their principles.

Now, I only use my eyeglasses at home when I have dropped something tiny and can't find it. I can watch TV from 10 or more feet away without eyeglasses, and even read the print on the TV (though not the tiniest print in the onscreen TV guide). I do all of my printed-matter reading without my glasses, because my vision for that is better without my glasses than with them. I can drive locally without my glasses, easily reading the traffic and parking signs and the store signs on either side of the street. I can read license plates up to about one or two car lengths away. Before, I couldn't make out a license plate number even if the other car was right beside me or close in front of me. I now see a lot of definition in people's faces when they are a few feet away from me, and I can count the window panes on buildings that are a half mile away.

I appreciate the Rebuild Your Vision program and definitely recommend it.

- Gloria in CT

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Q: Does Orlin Sorensen Rebuild Your Vision program really work?
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