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No, nails should be dissolved by the acid in your stomach.

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Probably not...sometimes worms like tapeworms will enter through you finger and toenails, but it is very unlikely to happen even if your feet aren't covered.

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Biting the nails does not give you the wart infection. But then biting the nails is a bad habit and is a sign of deep seated anxiety, probably.

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Q: Does biting your nails give you warts on your hands?
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What happens if you don't wash your hands after leaving a lab?

It mostly depends on the type of lab. If you're leaving a science experimental lab that could involve chemicals, the chemicals could be on your hands and erode your skin and nails and even transfer to other parts of you. If its a hospital lab there could be feces and bacteria all over the place and they could somehow get int your body and give you some kind of illness. If its an innocent lab with no chemicals, not much should happen but there are bacteria everywhere so I would wash my hands regularly anyway.

How do you get bigger hands?

Stretch and grip training Don't give up

Can you get athlete's foot on your hands?

Yes it is very possible , if you are have sweaty hands and feet you can get it in your hands easily. Regular athlete's foot cream can get rid of it , but make sure not to put your hands everywhere or you will get it in many more places or give it to other people.

What is the fear of people biting your toes?

That is a unique fear. I don't have a name for it. But I will give you some advise. Wear socks, and shoes. And go ahead and let people know before any toe-biting can commence, that you really, seriously, abhor having your toes bitten. That should do it for you. NOPE . nothing is the real fear . they enjoy it . leave them ALONE .

If a patient has edema swollen hands and feet would you give them hypertonic or hypotonic solution?

a hypertonic solution. that way the water moves out of the cell and into the extracellular space.

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How do I coax my daughter to stop biting her nails?

You can put mittens on her hands so she can't chew them anymore. Or you could give her a snack when she starts doing that. If neither of those work,just tell her you will give her a "treat" for when she doesn't do it.

Can biting your nails give you a disease?

yes coz if u bite ur nails so bad that it bleeds the the wound could get infected and catch a disease

How do you get your child to stop biting his fingernails?

This will not an easy task but if you keep on top of it you may be able to minimize it. There are a variety of things you could try and you may have to get creative on your own. Biting nails is a habit for the hands and the mouth. Try to keep your child's hands busy maybe a new good habit/hobby depending on their age, have a healthy snack handy for when they want to chew, chewing gum, paint their nails with the "stop biting" polish that tastes horrible. If you go to and type in stop biting nails a variety of sites will come up that will give you much more advice or ideas - Good Luck. while they are sleeping put tabasco sauce on their fingernails. when they wake up they will regret putting them in their mouth. you can also use other hot sauces.

Do slugs give you warts?

Snails do not give you warts.

Do toes give you warts?

no your toes will not give you warts

Why do kids start biting nails?

usually it is a habit sometimes for kids but they do when they are nervous or just doing it on purpose but sometimes they don't realize that they are doing it. Also don't bite your nails because it can give you a disease.

Can butterflies give you warts?

No. You don’t get warts from holding/touching a turtle. They can carry other contagion tho. Always wash your hands after touching one.

How do you stop biting your finger nails?

well as a work in progress I'm doing really well I'm 11 by the way I've got a chart like this its got days of the week and week 1 week 2 every day if u bite Ur nails then put 1 tally if u do twice then 2 Tally's so one so one if u bite ur nails less then twice a week then give ur self a little treat maybe a rubber or stamp its affective for me. it takes a lot of will power i depends of how determined you are good luck hope it works for u and me , ps . make it colourful from anonymous aged 11

Can baby turtles give you warts?

That is not likely. The virus that causes warts in humans is not carried by turtles. What a baby turtle can give you is a bad case of food poisoning if you don't wash your hands after handling it. Turtles and birds carry salmonella bacteria. Read what the FDA has to say about it at the link below.

Do toads give warts?


Can a female with HPV give a male genital warts?

Yes women with HPV give men genital warts.

Do snails give humans warts?

No Warts are caused by a virus. A human virus.