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I believe it does increase. But it depends on how hot the shower is and also the time. It should be back to normal in a couple of minutes after you are done :)

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Q: Does body temperature increase or decrease after shower?
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Do medication affect body temperature?

Some medication may affect body temperature. It can increase or decrease body temperature. I.e. tylenol may decrease temperature if you have fever. Some stimulant may increase temperature when used, etc.

How do emotional state affect the body temperature?

With emotional states, the body would either increase metabolism for energy or decrease metabolism.

When body take a shower after body wet by rain. why temperature body be hot after take are shower?

You must have taken a hot shower.

Does heat affect blood pressure?

Increases in body temperature cause a corresponding increase in respiratory rate and heart rate because there is an increase in metabolic needs of the body. As regards blood Pressure, I believe the blood pressure goes down as a result of an Increase in body temperature. The body generates a lot of heat that decreases body hydration level and a result the body becomes dehydrated and the BP decreases. Increase with fever, necessitating more oxygen. The client who has a decrease in body temperature will experience a decrease in respiratory rate, Heart rate and Blood pressure.

How can you decrease the entropy of static body?

You can decrease the entropy of a static body by reducing the temperature.

Does intoxication cause core body temperature to increase?

Alcohol causes core body temperature to decrease. However, flushing caused by alcohol may make someone think they are getting warmer rather than colder.

Does your body temperature decrease as you approach death?

yes,body temperature decreases as we approach death

10 conditions that cause body temperature to increase or decrease?

Exercise, hot ambient temperatures, and fever due to disease can all increase body temperature

When body temperature lowest?

When taking a cold shower in winter!

Does whey protein powder decrease the body temperature?


What contraceptive may increase body hair?

There are no contraceptives on the market that increase body hair. Some may decrease body hair.

Does pain increase or reduce body temperature?