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yes it does cause muscle twitching

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Q: Does proprioception deficit cause muscle twitching?
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What is the cause of muscles twitching?

Muscle twitching is mainly cause by stress and anxiety.

Can Diabetic neuropathy cause muscle twitching or spasms in fingers?


What could cause twitching in you thumb and head?

A nerve could cause twitching in your body in different parts. Muscle spasms might as well. See a doctor to make sure nothing serious is going on.

What causes twitching in the human forearm?

Twitching, little muscle spasms, could be caused by dehydration and lack of calcium and potassium. No matter what the cause, a physician should address this problem. If the twitching is painful, it may be some type of inflammation in the nerve or neuritis.

What purpose does an electromyogram serve?

an electromyogram (EMG), is used to measure the activity of muscles and to provide clues to the cause of muscle weakness or paralysis, muscle problems such as muscle twitching, numbness, tingling, or pain

Can drinking more water than you usually do cause muscle twitching muscle weakness and fatigue?

Only if you exceed a quart an hour ... every hour day and night.

How do you stop your butt from twitching?

Not sure how to stop it from twitching, but anxiety, depression, or stress can cause involuntary muscle twitches. An infection might also. Although it is very rare, worms can also move in your muscles!

How can hypokalemia affect your life?

Hypokalemia or low potassium can cause lethal heart rhythms. general tiredness , muscle twitching and damage.

Why is your cat twitching?

Cause I peed on it

What could cause twitching in your sleep?

Twitching in your sleep can be caused by:StressTirednessEye strainCaffeineAlcoholDry eyesNutritional imbalancesAllergies

Can Wellbutrin cause eye twitching?


What causes head twitching in children?

Typically neurological problems will cause head twitching in children. This twitching could be helped or cured by certain prescribed medications.

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