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equillibrium is balance and the semi circular canals in the ear affect it

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No the inner ear controls equilibrium. the inner ear is composed of six parts. The 6 are semi circular canals, oval window, vestibular nerve, cochulia nerve, vestibule, and cohulia.

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Q: Does the middle ear control your sense of equilibrium?
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What kind of receptors are found in balance?

Balance requires two senses: sight and equilibrium. The main sense is found in what are called the semicircular canals in the middle ear.

Which part of the hear involve in human body equilibrium?

The vestibular apparatus in the inner ear is responsible for keeping balance/equilibrium.

What control your sense of balance?

The inner ear.

What contains receptors for the sense of equilibrium?

The semicircular canals and the vestible are responsible for balance.

Structures in the inner ear help control the sense of?

your sense of balance

Where is your equilibrium located?

in the inner ear.a2 Your balance organs are located near to the middle ear. The inner ear is exclusively devoted to sound.

What is the cupula of the ear?

which receptor is involved in the sense of rotational equilibrium

What provides equilibrium?

I'm presuming you are asking about equilibrium meaning about the sense of balance or position. The inner ear apparatus, or vestibulocochlear system, helps your body sense position and motion, with feedback from the proprioceptive nerve fibers throughout the body.

What structure in the ear has tiny sacs behind it maintaining the body's equilibrium?

The organ is a group of fine, fluid-filled tubes, the Semicircular Canals, and stem from the Middle Ear. They contain nerve cells similar to those of the cochlea, and lie on roughly orthogonal planes so as to co-operate in 3 dimensions. They don't themselves maintain equilibrium but are combined inclinometers and accelerometers whose outputs are analysed by the brain so it can control the muscles for equilibrium.

Does the sense of balance occur in ossicles?

The ossicles are the three tiny bones in the middle ear that transmit sound vibrations. The sense of balance occurs in the fluid environment of the inner ear.

Which area of the ear is responsible for hearing and equilibrium?

The inner ear

Which structures of the ear are important in maintaining equal pressure within the middle ear?

Middle ear: amplify & transmit sound vibrations from tympanic membrane to oval window. Inner ear: to covert the sound vibrations into electrical energy and maintain equilibrium.