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We need all 11 of our body systems in order to function.

Muscular system provides ligaments, tendons, and muscles to make the bones attach muscles. Without the skeletal system, our body will not have any support. Without muscular system, we'll just look like a skeleton covered with skin. Also there are blood vessels and nerves in the muscles, and that's how we move and use our feet and hands.

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Q: Explain why the skeletal and muscular systems cannot function without each other.?
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What systems do the skeletal system function with?

with the muscular system and your circulatory system.

How are the function of the skeletal and muscular systems related?

Muscles are connected to bones.

How are the function of the skeletal system and muscular system related?

The skeletal and muscular systems are closely related. The muscular system is connected to the skeletal system through ligaments. The muscles are what makes the bones move.

Which human organ systems function in support and locomotion?

Skeletal System, Muscular System

Why do the muscular and skeletal systems coordinate?

The muscular and skeletal systems coordinate to produce movement. The skeletal system provides levers against which the contractions of the muscular system can act.

What injuries and diseases harm the skeletal and muscular systems?

what injuries can harm skeletal and muscular system

What are the similarities between the muscular and skeletal systems?

Both skeletaL & muscular systems need each other to be able for the movements of the body

What are the ten major body systems?

explain muscular, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproduction, nervous, integumentary endocrine systems

What body systems does osteosarcoma relate to?

Skeletal and muscular systems

What body systems help you move?

The skeletal and muscular systems

What three systems of the human body function together to move and control body parts?

Nervous,Skeletal, and muscular

How are skeletal and muscular systems different?

The skeletal system is all of your bones the muscular system is all of your muscles in your body

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