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spindle fiber

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Q: Fiibers extending from cell pole to cell pole are called what?
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What is a name for a sail extending pole?

A spinnaker pole or a whisker pole.

Sail extending pole?


The name of a sail-extending pole?


What is a positive or negative pole of an electrochemical cell?

They are called the electrodes or terminals. The parts of a cell where current leaves and enters the cell. The cathode is the positive, the anode is the negative.

What is the pole called on the umbrella?

what is the pole of the umbrella called

What is the stadium called where the do the pole vault?

It is called the pole vault pit.

What is the pole called in high jump?

The "stick" itself is just called a pole or a pole vaulting pole. The poles are named by their length and maximum weight it can hold. For instance, a pole that is 12 feet tall and can hold a pole vaulter with a maximum weight of 130 pounds is a 12 foot 130 pole.

What are auroras called at the South Pole?

At the South Pole, aurora are called aurora australis.

What is 90 degree latitude called?

It's called a "pole" of the Earth's axis. "90° North latitude" is the north pole. "90° South latitude" is the south pole.

What is the end of a magnet called?

A pole. They are called the north pole and south pole. The north pole of a magnet is defined as the pole that, when the magnet is freely suspended, points towards the Earth's North Magnetic Pole in the Arctic.

What is the north pole also called?

The South Pole is also called the South Terrestrial Pole and Amundsen-Scott Station.

The strongest parts of the magnet are called the?

The north and south ends of a magnet are called magnetic north pole and south pole. The ends are named such because of the Earth's North Pole and South Pole.