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Tall=TT Short=tt

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Q: For each phenotype give the genotypes that are possoble for Patrick?
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What phenotype is produce by each of the following genotypes?

The genotype each offspring has is determined by the parents. They can be both homozygous dominant or are they heterozygous and homozygous(dominant or recessive)

Two organisms each with the genotypes Tt Gg mate The chance of producing an offspring that has the dominant phenotype for height T and the recessive phenotype for color g is?

If two organisms, each with genotypes tt+gg mate. What is the chance of producing and offspring that has the dominant phenotype for height (t) and the recessive phenotype for color (g)

Two organisms each with genotypes TtGg mate?

They produce TTGG, TTGg, TTgg, ttGG, ttGg, ttgg, TtGG, TtGg, Ttgg offspring. Phenotype ratios will be: 9 dominant phenotype for both traits 3 dominant phenotype for T and recessive phenotype for g. 3 dominant phenotype for G and recessive phenotype for t. 1 recessive phenotype/genotype for both traits.

Different forms of gene?

Alleles are the different types of genes.

How are the genotypes of parents related to the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring?

alleles are variations of genes

A person with phenotype A blood has how many possible genotypes?

Although there are actually several genes which determine ABO-type, they are usually placed into the three basic groups i.e. A, B and O.For each phenotype, the genotypes follow:O: OO is the only possibility.A: AA or AO are both acceptable.B: BB or BO are both acceptable.AB: AB is the only possibility.

What is the pthenotype for each genotype?

Genotypes are the specific allele combinations that an individual contains pertaining to a certain trait. Phenotypes are what is expressed due to the genotype. (recessive/dominant/codominant)

What are the parent's genotypes when her parents has it but she doesn't?

It means that both parents have heterozygous genotype for a dominant trait, so they exhibit the dominant phenotype, but they each passed on the recessive allele to their daughter, so she has the homozygous recessive genotype, and therefore has the recessive phenotype, or trait. She could also have had a nondisjunction on one of the chromosomes inherited from her parents. She could have been adopted.

What is a tool for predicting genotypes of offspring?

In genetics a type of grid is used to show the gametes of each parent and their possible offspring and also called the checkerboard is used. The Punnet Square is named after Reginald Crundall Punnett an English geneticist.

A test cross involves?

Involves the breeding of a dominant trait individual with a recessive individual. This is done to determine the zygosity of the former by analyzing proportions of offspring with the recessive phenotype.

What does a punett square show?

The chance of a particular trait being inherited. For each trait there are several alleles, some are dominant and others recessive, for example brown eyes are dominant over blue. The recessive phenotype can only have a genotype with both recessive alleles eg. bb The dominant phenotype can have a genotype with both dominant alleles eg. BB or one of each eg. Bb A punnet square shows the likelihood of a phenotype being inherited from given genotypes, alleles etc... BB and Bb makes BB BB Bb Bb All offspring will have the dominant phenotype (BB or Bb) eg. brown eyes Bb and Bb makes BB Bb Bb bb One in four of the offspring will have the recessive phenotype (bb) eg. blue eyes

What phenotype frequency in a population changes after each generation which would most likely be causing this?

Competition between organisms would most likely cause the phenotype frequency in a population that changes each generation.