Harmful effect of fungi

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1. Some fungi are poisonous

2. mold on your food

3. Many cause diseases in plants

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Q: Harmful effect of fungi
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What is a harmful fungi?

only as harmful as peter

Can fungi be harmful?


Is jelly fungi helpful or harmful?

Jelly Fungi is Helpful.

What is harmful effect of microorganism?

Well, you need to be more specific because there are manytypes of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, protists, fungi, animals, and plants.

What other harmful effect of fungi?

Some fungi, like toadstools, are very poisonous.Infections like ringworm or tinea pedis (a common cause of athlete's foot), Tinea versicolor, and other more serious infections.

What are Pathogenic fungi?

nön pathogenic fungi is a grp of fungi which are not harmful to the human body or it is commensal to human body.

What is the study of fungi called-?


How can harmful fungi be treated?

by buying medicne

What are the harmful effects of fungi and algae?


How is fungi harmful?

it makes us sick

What is more harmful than fungi?


How is fungi harmful to other living things?

fungi is the cause of food moulds, and some skin rashes such as warts. So it can be infectious to the things it comes in contact with and potentially harmful to that organism.