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To determine how old a tree is you must chop it down and count how many rings are in the trunk. Use a coring drill bit and count the rings that way. This keeps the tree alive.

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Q: How Do You know how old a tree is?
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How do you know how old is a tree?

You'll have to cut the tree down first. then after you do that you can look at the number of rings on the trunk.

Hi you have a Copper Beech tree that is about Ninety years old How high do they get at this age your five year old daughter and you would LOVE to know?

Surely if you have the tree you are the person to measure it and let us know. Surely if you have the tree you are the person to measure it and let us know.

How long has the old oak tree in fannett been there?

i dont know do you

Why is ring topology useful in a school?

its ;lets people know how old the tree is

What is the old tree on earth?

The oldest tree on earth is the Red Oak Tree, Olive tree's can live for longer but they aren't know for living for a long time. Mostly because its almost impossible to tell how old a tree is without cutting it down and counting the rings.

Which is correct a old tree or an old tree?

a old tree==================================================that is incorrect. should be AN old tree. a vowel always precedes next word beginning with another vowel

How old can a tree get?

A tree can be 1000

How do you say big tree or old tree in Irish Gaelic?

'Big tree' is 'Crann mór', 'old tree' is 'Seanchrann'.

How old was the oldest tree in the world?

how old was the oldest tree in the world

What is the name of the rings that you see how old the tree is?

Tree rings or annual rings tell how old the tree is.

What is caborndating?

Carbon dating is when u pick up a substance from any living thing to know its age and how old it is. For example: on a tree if you cut it down, on the trunk, as many circles you see that old the tree is.

What is after sapling?

a mature tree and after that an old tree

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